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...never really was a writer

Philippos Fourty-Two
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I actually had an lj under another name, but decided to start this one for fan-related stuff. My fandom of cartooning & visual art, mainly.

Hm. Maybe I should turn in my comix fiend key. Of course this link goes nowhwere, & I don't remember what it's about. So I'll leave it here.

Yeah, never mind, I think this may just become a film & music -fan blog. Oh, & webcomics. Those can stay.

See also:
http://www.formspring.me/philippos42 (which I'm never on, but hey, ask me a question & I may get to it in a couple years)
http://philippos42.tumblr.com (which, yeah, indefinite how much that will get used)
http://philippos42.dreamwidth.org (whence my LJ posts since late 2009 are reposts. And yes I have dreamwidth codes)
http://www.pandora.com/people/philippos42 (substantially music I actually occasionally listen to, to disillusion anyone who assumes I'm cool; though admittedly not all--some of it just stuff I was experimenting with but don't like much; that said, the Gaga, 1980's pop, & Elliott Yamin are definitely intentional--I am nerd)