Philippos Fourty-Two (philippos42) wrote,
Philippos Fourty-Two

my take on Empowered

I read the first volume of Empowered yesterday. Wow, she gets tied up a lot.

I've seen people argue about whether Adam Warren is spoofing 'women in jeopardy' or indulging in it, whether he's pro or con. I don't think either description explains what the book is about. Warren doesn't seem to be making a moral statement about 'women in jeopardy' so much as taking an absurd idea & turning it into a rounded character.

Look, I think it's entirely normal to be a little disturbed by Empowered. It's incredibly raunchy, & that's going to set off emotional triggers. But I think Adam writes funny women really well. He writes women as clowns, insecure women, & a lot of goofy drunk women. They can be crazy, cruel, silly, addled, & still they're sympathetic. And that's, sad to say, unusual for a male writer in this culture.
Tags: adam warren, empowered

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