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Earth One is not Earth-1 - erstwhile comix fiend...
June 15th, 2016
02:33 am


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Earth One is not Earth-1
I bought Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman: Earth One in hopes of snarking about it online with bluefall, with whom I deludedly imagine I have some kind of fandom-based friendship.

Yeah. Well, it shows some research, but then so did Phil Jimenez's Wondy run, and we saw how that went. But I hadn't been real pleased with the first volume of Superman: Earth One, and my expectations were low. I was at first kind of pleased that someone had actually picked up on some of the Marston & Peter strangeness and pulled that out and interpreted as no one else has done.

Anyway, at some point I decided to read the second and third volumes of Superman: Earth One to compare. You know what? They're so much better. Oh, the villains are pretty stupid, but the supporting cast feel like people. There's some good work there.

By comparison Morrison's Earth One project is a muddled mess. Stilted dialogue and narration all out of order. It's visually somewhat slick, but I think it's a weaker piece.

That said, yes, jousting on kangaroos is in the source material, and fans who complained about that sounded hilarious to me.

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