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She's making out with Beth! - erstwhile comix fiend...
October 22nd, 2015
03:53 pm


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She's making out with Beth!
So, the latest Starfire. (That's #5.)

Kory, canonically, from like her first appearance, has the ability to learn a language by kissing (because Marv Wolfman was a perv wacky like that).

So in the latest issue, the writers remember that, and instead of just ignoring it in embarrassment, decide to use it. She kisses a porpoise dolphin and learns to speak dolphin. There is actually a cutaway to two observers:
Junior aquarium staffer: Oh my God! She's making out with Beth!
Senior aquarium staffer: Stop that this very minute! It's against the laws of nature!
So now Kory can talk to the dolphins, and she has a new job at the aquarium.

I started picking up Starfire because Atlee (aka Terra) was in it, and I'm glad I am. It has some pretty fun little moments. I hope they keep up the fun little touches like this, more than the big ongoing subplot with the superpowered multiple murderer (?) lurking in the background, which is supposed to be resolved in #7.

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