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Guess who got married. - erstwhile comix fiend...
October 8th, 2015
07:21 am


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Guess who got married.
So, apparently Mars just got married five days ago. Unless there's another Mars Getsoian.

Also, apparently, she is the only person I have in circles on Google+, which is exceedingly strange. I did not find out that she got married on Google+. I never use Google+, and I don't remember finding her name there before and adding her, but clearly I did.

I just did a garden-variety search for her name, and was surprised to see a result from the last week. Also I am surprised to see that 'Mars Getsoian' is the name she's still using.

Well, congratulations.

This entry was originally posted at http://philippos42.dreamwidth.org/146472.html, where Russian botspam is a rarity.

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