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Requiem - erstwhile comix fiend...
May 25th, 2009
08:04 pm


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Oh yes, much whinging about how horrible Artemis: Requiem is.


OK, the art is horrifying. It's young Ed Benes riffing on Deodato riffing on Jim Lee, & it's ass.

I mean, asses. Lots & lots of asses. This is what happens when you show Brazilian artists the late Claremont/early post Claremont X-Men.

But the story, while utter crack, manages to be a mix of, "so bad it's good," & a wild ride that actually manages to justify Artemis being alive again. If you can figure that out, which took me a few years.

I genuinely love this comic, & I seriously love the character of Hank Jessup (the "sassy black friend").

[2012-06-25: copied from insanejournal account, where it was my only post.] This entry was originally posted at http://philippos42.dreamwidth.org/102188.html, where Russian botspam is a rarity.

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