Philippos Fourty-Two (philippos42) wrote,
Philippos Fourty-Two

Also, I watched Elizabeth: the Golden Age instead of writing.

I didn't get my 666 words written yesterday. Well, I didn't Monday either, but I figured 2000 words Sunday night would count for three days. And Tuesday I did manage 700 words of probably trash, so I'm not that behind.

But instead of fleshing out the stubs of ideas that I had Sunday, I tried coming up with something new: a new story, which I'm trying to synthesize without really knowing what happens yet, & I want it to be as a comic-book script. It's giving me hives. I have two potential plots, I'm thinking about page layouts, I tried to make up a new superhero(ine) & can't quite name her...some form of Talabarte, perhaps—all this nonsense I put in my own way. Maybe I should just stick with prose for this month.

This was supposed to be a story with Wonder Woman & old Justice League stealth specialist Gypsy, & it's mutated into a story about elections on a fictitious Hispanophone Caribbean island (not Santa Prisca, or whatever the fictitious Hispanophone Caribbean island that appears in a lot of DC comics is called; a new one). And I realized I couldn't name any Hispanoamerican supertypes, except for some Chicanos & Puerto Ricans in el Norte. So I decided to make one up, & decided to do a Jeanne d'Arc riff (perhaps because I've been also trying to get back into Narnia & got Elizabeth: The Golden Age from the library for inspiration or some reason, & it has Queen Bess on t' cover in armor & stuff.

Araagh. Anyone here speak Spanish? Does “Mozuela del Talabarte” make sense for a Colombiana armored hero-lady with a sort of “Maid of Lorraine” motif? Or is “mozuela” more “little girl”? Actually, her nom de guerre doesn't even have to be in Spanish. I'm just worried I'll get the name wrong somehow, y'know?

Should I scrap the Jeanne d'Arc references & just have a Latin American sentai team? That might actually be easier to design.
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