Wonder Woman 1984

OK, I have seen the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer now, twice; and I do not know which Cheetah that is (but I assume it is a Cheetah because of a promo image someone linked on scans_daily) nor how they brought back Steve.

Ah, the music of my youth! New Order, I think?

Did they come up with a 1980's version of the Screaming Chicken armor?

Oh, apparently Mr. Blond 1980's Executive Bad Man is "Maxwell Lord." Well, I observe that comic-book Max has chestnut hair & is a bit leaner. I say it's another dude.

That's right, Wondy's gonna fight Trump.

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For a long time I thought I was kind of ugly.

A couple of days I was talking to my shrink & she said the physical stuff I beat myself up over is a) fixable & b) stuff people largely don't care about.

Now I'm realizing that for my age, I'm actually pretty lucky in the looks department. I often read as younger than I am. I still have pretty thick, non-grey hair, except for some of my beard. I'm actually good-looking? This might have been nice to know before.

I mean, I'm still a mentally ill doofus, but OK.

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in a night so still...

So I'd had Fleetwood Mac on the brain? I'd watched a few videos on YouTube last night; thought of but didn't track down "Big Love." I walked into Walmart tonight & "Big Love" was playing.

I reached back to grab a package of egg rolls that were in between the pork & the vegetable, assuming they were chicken. Realized in the parking lot that they were shrimp.

Oh. Well, I guess I can eat seafood for once.

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If you don't love me now...

Sitting here listening to Fleetwood Mac & feeling gloomy.

What if I got this written in some form, & tried submitting "Wild West Wonder Woman" to DC? I expect it'd be rejected. And then I'd feel down, even though I expected rejection.

And then, could I take it, file off the bits that are their trademarks, & do it as its own thing? Well, even if there's a lot new in the treatment as it would look right now, it makes sense to me as existing in the past of a version of Diana. And the fountain of youth aspect of Paradise Island is a thing, but I guess doesn't have to be; it's not the main point of the concept, just something I inherited.

And then I realized--I could attach a form of this to another concept I already have. I've had a few different "not quite Wonder Woman" takes that exist as rough sketches in my head, including A___ C________, which has been stalled for ages because I never pinned down what to do with the character's power set if she doesn't quite have Wondy powers. I could tweak this and put it in that universe, or my "daughter of a fey queen (& the fey queen looks like Cassandra Wilson)" concept, or the "superheroine from a tropical island" concept. It wouldn't be the same, but it could be mine.


I really need to pick one of these and write a story with it.

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I think it was Friday I was trying to come up with a suitably unique and silly-sounding Anglo-American man's name, & landed on "Gaines Tunner." Woke up the next day realizing it sounded like "Gains a ton." Not my intention. So, yeah, big guy will probably be a Thomas.

But if I wanted a whimsical name for a ridiculously fat man, maybe that would work.

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The blonde girl back home

Well, I don't know to what degree this matters.

A couple days ago I cooked up in my head the general flow of a story where my "Wild West Wonder Woman" lead gets back together (more or less) with her ex who stayed back in Amazon-land. It was cute, it was romantic, it was safe for all-ages (in many countries)!

And then I started coming up with alternatives, and maybe the ex isn't going to play that exact role, or she's going to have competition. I say competition, but let's be honest, it's looking like it might be a messy ad hoc polycule, and that's, y'know, less tidy.

Still, the idea of someone our hero(ine) spent some unspecified number of decades with before she went on a mission to Patriarch's World & became "Sheriff Apostle" is still there. I think, now, I know where our girl has come from (mostly) even if I don't have any firm plans on where she's going. "The blonde girl back home" is a thing, now, pretty firm, I think. Oh, who knows, it's been like three days since I cooked her up!

But, yeah, one thing. When I was visualizing this character, she was a kind of soft, yellow-haired white woman, a bit shorter than--

--OK, look, the lead's name is Circassia, and she's "Circassia Apostle" for long, because she is "one sent out." I may eventually change that, but this was too much dodging her name in one post--

--a bit shorter than Circassia. But "the blonde girl back home" is arguably an echo of Mala from Diana's story. Mala is mostly a Golden Age character; she's Diana's friend who, I think, ran Reformation Island for a while. Versions of her pop up in the background here & there. I really like Mala. Another version of her is explicitly Di's ex, in the Morrison "Earth One" version.

Maybe I should show some variation. I think it's time I created a Dark-Skinned Redhead. Or something.

I don't know. Also this character doesn't even appear for several episodes of the story, & I haven't a clue what her name is yet.

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Hola, little sister!

Rassin' frassin' freakin' Amazons.

For years, the Amazons in my head have called each other variations on "sister" because, well, because of the way Artemis called Diana "little sister" in Artemis: Requiem. Well, yeah, they are a sisterhood, right?

More recently, & actually before I got so mentally drawn into this "Wild West Wonder Woman" idea, I've been playing with how that varies to variations on "daughter" when Amazons have daughters who are also Amazons, or talking to younger Amazons who they may have substantially raised; and complementarily, variations on "mother."

But here's the thing. I may not have realized when I first read Requiem that Diana & Artie are actually, legally, sisters. Artemis was adopted by Hippolyta, at least according to Loebs, who wrote the first Artemis arc as well as Requiem. That's a big part of how the two Wonder Women's relationship is defined: two sisters who sort of resent & hate each other.

So am I stretching the meaning of the word too far? I'm going to have to dig out & reread some old comics, & I'm somehow a little annoyed by this.

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Sheriff A.

Oh, sure, brain, spend way too much time trying to figure out a Wonder Woman spin-off series set in Wyoming c. 1880. This is clearly something I can use. /s

I don't actually write. I have written none of this down. If I did, DC wouldn't buy it.

Argh argh argh argh.

These things come and go. This one was in my head before. Now the lead has two horses that she kind of dotes on, a (probably blonde) ex back in Themyscira who she might get back together with, and a pair of boomerangs she keeps in her holsters because she's a ...kid's comic book character? And she may adopt a kid who she saves from a pseudo-Donner Party situation. And she can grow wings, apparently, because of course she can.

[Expletive deleted]

Fine. I've had a rough and kind of minimal idea of this "Wild West Wonder Woman" for a long time. The boomerangs were maybe a month ago, or a week. (What is time?) But now it keeps growing, unless it's changing and fighting itself. I just added most what you see above, plus even more recurring characters, in the last few days. Wait, maybe she gets back with her ex after an Indian guy dumps her?


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Do you ever have a made-up name that pops into your head and you decide just to run with it?

I don't know how many years ago I came up with the last name 'Caravilla' for a character. I was pronouncing it to kind of rhyme with the N. American pronunciation of 'tortilla,' so more or less (and my IPA is not great) /ˌ kɛ rə ˈ vi jə/. It was almost certainly influenced by the term 'caravel.' This was, what...over ten years ago?

Well, I don't remember ever actually writing anything with Ms. Caravilla, so I don't think I told anyone about it. But now I thought I'd see if it is in fact a real name. Let's see what Google has to say.

Well, apparently that spelling does exist as an Italian name, so, OK. But what I found first is that it's also some sort of portmanteau of 'caravan' & 'villa' in...Israel & Australia? I...wow. Maybe I should change that.

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