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erstwhile comix fiend... Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Philippos Fourty-Two" journal:

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April 13th, 2018
12:11 am


My dashboard is full of fandom, and I am not a fan.
Oh, good. Despite this still automatically reblogging to LJ, it looks like nobody's reading this. I could just delete the previous post.


I think I'm going to just start unfollowing people on my Tumblr account that I largely don't use. A lot of it is stuff like Trek fandom that I don't care about now, and it's just in the way.

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April 12th, 2018
06:11 am


Note to self:
Remember that a someone who blocked you on Tumblr years ago does not want to hear from you, even if you are dumb and bored enough to type in her URL, a lot, and even if one of those times she has just reblogged a meme asking for anonymous confessions. Especially someone who you know is paranoid and just wipes things she's written and changes her name repeatedly.

The good thing is that I got some kind of response and some kind of explanation at how she saw me. So, there's that.

This person is not my friend. This person does not want to be seen, nor read, nor known, despite appearances, despite having an online presence.

I got to follow her through at least one name change, but I guess that wasn't an ongoing thing.

I'm posting this here, publicly and not on Tumblr, and at this point I don't think it matters if it makes me look like a creep or an ass.

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February 10th, 2018
06:23 pm


I just looked up how Lent works. Or tried to. I was raised the kind of Protestant that didn't observe Lent. But it's this big thing, and I get confused about when it runs. Up to Good Friday? To Palm Sunday? To Easter Sunday?

So, of course there are several different versions, some running the eight weeks up to Easter. I should have known it would vary widely.

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October 30th, 2017
07:18 pm


Hey, dreamwidthers, are you still here?

This is an odd thing to come back with, but it's bugging me, and this seemed like a better place to say it than some other places.

I am about the same age as Anthony Rapp. I was seeing a lot of people, younger people I think, freak out at Kevin Spacey for "sexually assaulting" Rapp back in the 1980's. But from what I was first hearing, I wasn't seeing it the way other people were.

Well, I actually read People's excerpt of Rapp's description here, and it does sound pretty bad:
Rapp alleged that then-26-year-old Spacey invited him to his Manhattan apartment for a party in 1986. (They were both starring in hit Broadway plays at the time.) Rapp says he was the only teen at the party and spent most of the evening in a bedroom watching television when he realized everyone had left and he was alone with Spacey.

“My memory was that I thought, ‘Oh, everybody’s gone. Well, yeah, I should probably go home,’” Rapp told BuzzFeed. Spacey, he said, “sort of stood in the doorway, kind of swaying. My impression when he came in the room was that he was drunk … He picked me up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold. But I don’t, like, squirm away initially, because I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And then he lays down on top of me.”

“He was trying to seduce me,” Rapp said. “I don’t know if I would have used that language. But I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually.”
OK, I'd better check out that Buzzfeed article.


Wow. This has been eating Anthony Rapp for decades. Bigger than what I first thought.

OK, that sort of knocks the legs out from under what I was feeling. Anyway....

Back when it was new, I read Tom Junod's profle of Spacey in the 1997 Esquire, and I have some ideas about Spacey's sexuality. I also had the impression that he's been out for a few years. While it's nice to have a clear admission of his bisexuality, making this about Spacey outing himself seems strange. Because earlier today, if you asked me, I probably would have said, "Yeah, he seems to be vaguely bisexual, and was kind of opportunistic about macking on women and probably men when he was younger, and is out as gay now."

And the first bits of this I heard, I kind of took the image I already had thanks to Tom Junod, and the context, and yeah, drunken inappropriate behavior from a twenty-something...I've been somewhere like there? My sympathies were with Spacey.

But reading Rapp's account, yeah, that was a bit much.

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May 28th, 2017
07:36 pm


So, months ago, I was going to start posting about the comics I've been buying. Lately, I've barely been reading the comics I've been buying.


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December 17th, 2016
08:40 pm


Nick Spencer picks at an open wound
Oh, wow, sounds like Captain America writer Nick Spencer is alienating the left now. Clintonism or nothing, is it? Well, not in the ages of the comic, yet.

In this post, he is quoted thus:
'I will get flack for this but I think Sanders deserves more blame than he's getting. He went with some attacks that really hobbled her because they made her permanently unacceptable to some on the left, while also echoing the SAME claims as the right was making. Sanders gave a bipartisan credibility to the "corruption" thing that made it stick and made media fall in love with it even more. She was clearly badly hobbled coming out of that primary, and everyone kept pretending it was a good thing.' - Nick Spencer

This kind of blew up and the mod shut it down. Then I came in not seeing the mod note, and responding to this comment by another s_d member, I commented:

I think Bernie and Hillary tried very hard not to bloody each other in the primaries. The war in the Democratic Party was less between them than between existing pro-Clinton and anti-Clinton factions. There was going to be an Anyone But Clinton vote, as there was in 2008. Bernie largely gave them someone to rally around, and maybe better it was him than Chafee, O'Malley, Webb, or someone like Larry Lessig.

So I don't really blame Bernie. He did need to hit the South six months earlier, though, and writing it off at the end was a pity.

Nick Spencer's understanding of what happened to the Democratic Party this year isn't entirely wrong, but it may be a bit shallow. Many Democrats feel the Clintons betrayed them back in the 1990's, and they want other leaders for the party.

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November 18th, 2016
04:59 pm


Today I was sleepily trying to put together my orders for January through my local comic book shop. This many years later, I was looking through Diamond Previews, saw a Batgirl solicitation, and briefly thought, "Oh, Cass?" :(

Now, several hours later, I remember that there is a version of Cass in the current run of Detective Comics, which I don't read. I think they call her Orphan.

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November 16th, 2016
11:02 pm


Humon's SATW calendar 2017
Today I got my Scandinavia and the World calendar, printed with an assortment of holidays around the world, in the mail. It's all right.

I noticed that there were some days where Humon didn't have a character for a given country and just put in the country's name. And there were some countries that had personifications in the comics that didn't get any days printed.

But it's rather good for a first attempt to print a calendar.

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September 25th, 2016
02:09 am



I do look at some of you on Dreamwidth once in a while, really.


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June 15th, 2016
02:33 am


Earth One is not Earth-1
I bought Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman: Earth One in hopes of snarking about it online with bluefall, with whom I deludedly imagine I have some kind of fandom-based friendship.

Yeah. Well, it shows some research, but then so did Phil Jimenez's Wondy run, and we saw how that went. But I hadn't been real pleased with the first volume of Superman: Earth One, and my expectations were low. I was at first kind of pleased that someone had actually picked up on some of the Marston & Peter strangeness and pulled that out and interpreted as no one else has done.

Anyway, at some point I decided to read the second and third volumes of Superman: Earth One to compare. You know what? They're so much better. Oh, the villains are pretty stupid, but the supporting cast feel like people. There's some good work there.

By comparison Morrison's Earth One project is a muddled mess. Stilted dialogue and narration all out of order. It's visually somewhat slick, but I think it's a weaker piece.

That said, yes, jousting on kangaroos is in the source material, and fans who complained about that sounded hilarious to me.

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January 11th, 2016
12:59 am


It's been a month. Let's post something.
It's been a month. Let's post something.

I don't know how many of the TV shows I was watching before the Xmas break I'm going to pick up again. I still haven't seen last week's Supergirl and maybe I'm OK with that. I have been watching the pile of dumb that is Quantico and will probably stick with it when new episodes start up again; but if they try to drag this out more than a season, then no. I don't think I'm really going to try Agent Carter this year any more than other years; something about that show leaves me cold. Of sitcoms, I think Undateable is the one I'm really clinging to; Whitney Cummings is on it now, and it's wacky.

The big comic book movie I most want to see this year is Suicide Squad--even though it will not be the team from my old comics, and it will be a dumb, and probably too much stupid Batman. Yes, Wondy is in that Lex Luthor movie or whatever it is. Yes, Fox is finally doing a Deadpool movie. If I still had a nerd friend in town who would drag me to movies and pay for those, or something, that would be fine. But I'm not personally interested in the same way.

I am so poor I am not really planning to get Netflix. I have been buying a fair number of comics, even though it would be cheaper to trade-wait, and I kind of need to cut back. I'm not feeling really enthused about Kate Leth's Patsy Walker now that it's a real thing in my hands. Al Ewing's New Avengers is going to go back into crossover mode soon, I guess, and I'll be gone. Squirrel Girl is going to cross over with Howard the Duck, and I'm poor enough to use that as an excuse to stop buying that too--instead of buying the crossover. I kind of want to switch to non-Marvel stuff, maybe buy Usagi Yojimbo again, and am trying to talk myself into cutting out my Marvel titles. I'm not getting the new Captain Marvel, I've decided that.

Um, what else?

I kept thinking I would get in touch with the local Democratic Party last month, and I didn't, and I haven't, and I'm probably just going to show up at the Presidential primary and vote hopelessly for Bernie Sanders. Yeah.

I don't know from new music, nothing to say there, really. I find stuff when I find stuff.

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December 11th, 2015
08:59 pm


Another thing from my trip to the comic shop two days ago:

There was a young man (like 20?) there with an older woman. Maybe his mother or an aunt? She was saying she used to read Archie, and he seemed confused about Archie, and trying to connect it to DC(!!!). I pointed out the new-style Archie comics. He asked what comics I read.

"Um, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, a lot of Marvel." (Well, that's not a lot of Marvel, really. I've bought three issues of Captain America and one of Howard the Duck recently, and I liked the last Captain Marvel creative team, but I don't really read A LOT of Marvel.)

He started talking about Jonathan Hickman. I said I didn't like Hickman. He said he'd never met anyone who didn't like Hickman. He likes the "slow burn." I think it's too slowly paced. He talked about Snyder who writes Batman, and "Robin War," and had I picked up DKIII? (No, I haven't, but I refrained from saying that I at least mildly dislike the entire creative team individually.)

He likes the Flash. I said it's hard for me to get into because I really like Mark Waid's Flash back in the 1990's, and this is so different. I sound ancient.

I said I was more into Al Ewing. And I read Giant Days, though I didn't explain what that is. I didn't mention that I had just bought Starfire, and mostly favor books with female protagonists (which is probably only barely true anyway, but does make my comic purchases a bit differently weighted than the typical young male customer).

But yeah, we can both read Marvel, and be almost non-intersecting.

Interesting, though. When I see previews on scans_daily, I can gripe about Hickman and say that his stories are morbid and drag on too long--although, granted, I'm going by what's excerpted there--and I don't think I'm really the only one. But yeah, he has fans, and their idea of comics is a little different from mine.

And I'm way too negative in general, I guess.

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